Did you think that Fantasy Flight Games had forgotten about their re-issue of the WEG Star Wars D6 first edition game? OH NO THEY DIDN’T! This has me excited, even though I still have my original books. This looks like a product that I’ll have in my collection and only touch once before encasing it in glass and bowing to it every morning. Check out this preview of the Star Wars Sourcebook from the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition. The books are available for pre-order now.

The Force will be with you, always.”
–Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

Forty years ago, Star Wars: A New Hope captured the imagination of a generation of movie-goers. Ten years later, Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by West End Games allowed these fans to tell their own stories in the Star Wars galaxy. Not only did the book provide a gateway to a galaxy far, far away—it also dispersed a wealth of information about Star Wars that fans were happy to consume, fueling the way for them to tell their own stories. Now, the original gateway to unique stories in the Star Wars galaxy is being reprinted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic game.

Join us today as we preview the Star Wars Sourcebook included in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition , a collection of Star Wars knowledge that sparked the imagination of Game Masters over 30 years ago, now lovingly recreated and repackaged in a deluxe slipcase for modern gamers to enjoy.

Originally released in 1987, the many starships, vehicles, droids, creatures, and aliens detailed in the Star Wars Sourcebook imparted knowledge on a legion of fans hungry for more Star Wars. How does an X-Wing work? What’s inside a lightsaber? The Star Wars Sourcebook was the first publication to dive in and answer these questions, and its influence in developing the original Star Wars canon cannot be overstated.