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The 2018 Season Four Tournament Kit for Star Wars: Armada is here, and Fantasy Flight Games give you the chance to take a closer look at what you can expect.

“It’s a trap!”
–Admiral Ackbar, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

There are two ways to avoid flying your fleet into a trap. You could outwit and outmaneuver your enemy once the trap is sprung, but alternatively, you could assemble a fleet that can respond more swiftly to your commands—allowing you to steer your ships out of harm’s way, even at the last moment.

Either way, you’ll find that the 2018 Season Four Tournament Kit for Star Wars™: Armada offers a range of valuable upgrades to help you better avoid your opponent’s trap and, possibly, snare them in your own!

So as you and your opponents head into the thick of battle during 2018 Season Four, you’ll find plenty of reasons to stay on the move, to maximize your fleet’s responsiveness, to experiment with the unexpected, to unleash a whole new arsenal, and to expand your talents as fleet admiral. Who knows? Your changes may even catch your opponents by surprise and improve your chances of claiming the season’s top prizes!