Galaxy of Heroes expands as a techxpert joins the game, Tech from Clone Force 99, better known as The Bad Batch.

Hi Holotable Heroes,

The next Bad Batch Clone Trooper to join the Holotables is Tech! The highly specialized trooper in scout armor serves as the brains of the Bad Batch and provides his allies support by handling the more delicate parts of their operations. He has modified his armor with advanced electronic systems that allow him to calculate complex trajectories, translate alien languages, and access many different types of computer systems.

While Tech is leaner compared to his clone counterparts, he is no less skilled in combat. He can use his Brilliant Idea ability to deal damage to his enemies and dispel all debuffs from Clone Trooper allies while all Bad Batch allies gain Foresight, Tenacity Up, and Stealth.

Be sure to head to the EA Galaxy of Heroes site for a full rundown of Tech’s skills and knowledge.


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