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The latest  addition to the Our Universe collection is the one Star Wars fans have been waiting for!

Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein has designed a new range of Star Wars active gear for all the family to wear during their Jedi training. The range is currently available online at shopDisney with roll out to all Disney Stores on May 4th.

The range is based on Jedi training and uses images and styles based on Lightsabers from both the light and dark side of the force.

For Young Padawans the range includes:

Track Jackets

Trainer socks



training T-shirts

For those who have passed and are now full Jedi continuing their training:



Tank Tops


Of course a Padawan and Jedi need essential accessories to help with their training these include:

Duffel bag

Water bottle

Fantha Tracks have asked whether the full range will be available to U.K and European residents so watch this space!