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Blocks Magazine 66 takes a look at a number of fascinating LEGO related projects including the LEGO Star Wars UCS Star Destroyer mod project.

With everyone staying indoors to help protect one another, Blocks magazine Issue 66 is available to order from www.blocksmag.com as a single issue. For those who want to make sure that they get their LEGO magazine fix every month, subscription deals are available too – the support of our readers is a huge help in these uncertain times.

This month’s cover is given over to the LEGO Ideas International Space Station, with an in-depth review of the set inside the magazine. Everyone who subscribes by May 6 will be in with a chance of winning the ISS, with current subscribers automatically entered into the draw too!

LEGO Design Master (yes, that’s his job title) Mike Psiaki explains how he developed Manchester United’s stadium and shares a peek at some of the concept models for LEGO Creator Expert 10272 Old Trafford.

A spotlight is shined on some of the talented LEGO fans on Instagram, as some of the prominent photographers who are showing off their beautiful images reveal the inspiration behind their creativity. Three accomplished shutterbugs share tips on how to take beautiful LEGO photographers and get involved in a vibrant community.

Blocks also pays a visit to the Natural History Museum, where imaging expert Dr Steen Dupont is using marvellous LEGO contraptions to photograph the millions of tiny specimens that are housed within the insect collection.

Johnny Thunder makes a dramatic entrance in Blockstalgia, swinging over chasms, springing booby traps and uncovering Egyptian artefacts. He even has a new ride, with exclusive instructions showing how to build a modern rendition of the classic Scorpion Tracker.

The final instalment of Building Blocks: The History of the LEGO Group wraps up what has been a fascinating journey through the company’s past with the 2010s, the decade that has just come to a close.

Is that all? Of course not. Elsewhere in the magazine’s 112 pages, readers will find the next stage in the LEGO Star Wars UCS Star Destroyer mod project, a debate on the new LEGO Night Mode concept, a surprising use for a BIONICLE minifigure arm and much, much more.

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