Video games have been at the heart of the Star Wars experience since the early 1980’s, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in the worlds of the GFFA. As the technology has progressed, so has the interest and as such our friends at MintInBox alert us to this forthcoming book, looking at the history of Star Wars video games.

First of all a huge work of the author, himself passionate about Star Wars and especially video games. After all, 35 years of Star Wars video games are in this book. You will find the official games in consoles and computers, physical version, consoles “collector”, magazines excluded … This is a book tracing the video games Star Wars from 1982 to the present day. you will find all the information related to these games (stories, anecdotes, advertisements, magazines …) as well as games including characters from the universe of Star Wars or others. In addition to all this information, for each game, one or more QR-codes are present and by scanning them with your smartphone you access gameplay videos, trailers or advertisements.

So do not wait to finance this book before the end of 2017! Initiatives like this must be supported!

To support this crowdfunded project, click here and help make it happen.