Every time a new chapter in the era of The High Republic lands, we’ll delve into the details to find the treats – some hidden some not – and the connective tissue between the story and the wider galaxy. Beware of spoilerific elements as we dive into Star Wars The High Republic: Light of the Jedi.

Hedda was once hired to transport saberfish, which were seen in one of The Clone Wars graphic novels, from Tibrin (the Ishi Tib homeworld) to Abregado-rae (originally from Heir to the Empire).

It’s mentioned that hyperspace takes on a sickly red color during the Great Disaster, just as it did during hyperspace incidents in stories like Rebels and Battlefront II.

Avar’s ability to link the minds of Jedi during battle is never outright termed “battle meditation” but it’s definitely similar to the technique used by Bastila in Knights of the Old Republic, among many others.

Bacta is said to be in development on Hetzal and it’s lightly implied, but not outright stated, that Hetzal is responsible for its creation. The Vratix of Thyferra have been usually attributed with the creation of bacta in the past. In Legends they were the sole producer, but this is already proven to not be the case in canon. Stories like Dooku: Jedi Lost and Choose Your Destiny: A Finn and Poe Adventure have shown other planets growing and producing bacta. The book doesn’t go in depth into who was behind the genesis of bacta, so it could still be the Vratix in theory.

The Selkath are included in a list of theoretical culprits for the disaster on Hetzal out of possible revenge for the prospect of bacta putting them out of business, an allusion to the Selkath’s creation of the bacta predecessor kolto in Knights of the Old Republic.

Te’Ami uses a dark cerakote lightsaber, which is one of the customization options in Jedi: Fallen Order.

Stellan Gios comes to Hetzal from his outpost on Hynestia, the primary planet of Lando’s Luck. A Test of Courage (written by the same author as Lando’s Luck) also mentions Stellan’s ex-apprentice Vern as coming from the Hynestian temple.

Te’Ami recalls having once seen a rodeo on Chandar’s Folly, the world where Tarkin hunted Vader in Soule’s Darth Vader run.

Monument Plaza and Umate, the peak of a mountain that serves as the only visible part of Coruscant’s original topography on the highest level, are a major location in the book. The idea behind them was originally conceived by Ralph McQuarrie and Kevin J. Anderson for The Illustrated Star Wars Universe before it later appeared unnamed in The Clone Wars.

Like the McQuarrie book said, Umate is mentioned to be from the Manarai range of mountains. The Manarai mountains were first mentioned in Heir to the Empire before it became clear that Coruscant didn’t really have mountains visible from the top.

The highest level of Coruscant is said to be 5,216. The episode guide for a season five episode of The Clone Wars said the highest level was 5,127 while Complete Locations later switched that number around to 5,217.

The Coruscant Security Force was first fleshed out by Karen Traviss for her Republic Commando novels.

Hyperspace beacons, a concept that goes back to Tales of the Jedi and has been primarily related to older hyperspace technology, are used to enforce the hyperspace lockdown.

It’s said that Starlight will help people from Bundaki to Bastion. Bundaki is new but Bastion is notable for being the headquarters of the Imperial Remnant during most of the time after Return of the Jedi in Legends, first shown in Specter of the Past.

Lourna Dee wears leather from a kell dragon, a species seen in Dark Forces.

Elphrona and its Jedi outpost are a primary location in the book. It was also a prominent setting in The Rise of Kylo Ren and I’m assuming it was developed for both concurrently. One of the metals found on the planet is aurodium, the Star Wars version of gold that goes back to Rogue Planet.

Porter Engle is an Ikkrukki, a species featured in the final arc of Soule’s Poe Dameron comic.

Artist Omar Berenko is said to be living on Varykino on Naboo during this time. Berenko has been said to be a historical resident of Padmé’s lake house since Attack of the Clones tie-ins and now we know he lived during The High Republic.

Burry’s lightsaber is made out of amber from a white wroshyr tree. Wroshyrs are the big trees native to Kashyyyk that go all the way back to Heir to the Empire but white wroshyr specifically and its amber were recently mentioned in Master & Apprentice.

Marchion reflects on how Asgar Ro kept the Nihil small, operating in a corner of the Outer Rim close to Thull’s Shroud by Belsavis. Belsavis was a primary setting in Children of the Jedi while the nearby Thull’s Shroud is lore from The Essential Atlas.

The depiction of Eriadu in the book draws many cues from the Tarkin novel, which Soule has drawn from before. The planet’s main export being lommite, an ore used in transparisteel, is from that book.

Keven utilizes systems engineers from as far away as Kuat and Byss. There are technically two Bysses in Star Wars lore but one of them, the Abyssin homeworld, is closer to Hetzal while the other is in the Core like Kuat. Assuming it’s a reference to the latter, that one was prominently used by Palpatine and first seen in Dark Empire.

Pikka booked a vacation for her and Joss on Amfar, a vacation world mentioned in Shield of Lies.

The Jedi vessel Ataraxia ends up playing a major role in the book. It was used to transport a young Dooku and the other Jedi to Serenno near the start of Dooku: Jedi Lost, which would have only been about 140 years after this novel.

Yarael Poof and Oppo Rancisis, two Jedi on the Council in The Phantom Menace, are shown to have served on the Council all the way since The High Republic. Yarael has never technically gotten an age before but Oppo actually wasn’t born until after this era in Legends, so that’s a minor change (which is complimented by Soule also establishing that Oppo survived Order 66 in his Darth Vader comic).

Soule is a known Yaddle enthusiast so I was a little surprised not to see Yaddle on the Council here if those two were, especially since she’s typically been said to have trained Oppo. Maybe she’s on the council but not mentioned, or maybe that piece of information has changed.

Oppo mentions how the Jedi’s predecessors won the Great Sith Wars, which was the conflict depicted in Tales of the Jedi in Legends. Yarael also mentions times in the history of the Jedi where their numbers were reduced to a handful, bringing to mind the purges and losses the Jedi suffered in the Knights of the Old Republic games/era. Kronara later alludes to historical conflicts between the Mandalorians and the Republic, which were also a part of that time period.

Jora once purified the kyber of an ancient Sith lightsaber as an intellectual exercise and ended up bonding with the crystal, leading to her white lightsaber. This process is exactly how Ahsoka got her white crystals in the Ahsoka novel.

Kronara alludes to having once seen a reek hunt on Ylesia. Ylesia was the primary setting of The Paradise Snare and was later made one of the reek homeworlds after Attack of the Clones.

Pan Eyta kidnapped prisoners from a passenger transport headed to Travnin for Marchion. Travnin was a West End Games planet, originally from Galaxy Guide 6.

Vernestra Rwoh and her new Padawan Imri are mentioned as being at the Starlight dedication, which ties into A Test of Courage. Jora thinking about her Padawan Reath Silas also ties in with Into the Dark.

The Starlight Temple is said to be designed by renowned Jedi architect Palo Hidalla, who I’m willing to bet is a distant relation of the Godalhi dynasty.

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