The latest issue of the LEGO Star Wars Magazine arrives on shelves and doormats on Wednesday 18th November, so you can enjoy the treats of the official magazine and build the free mini sets attached which this month is a Luke Skywalker mini-figure along with info on the Razor Crest.

The new issue of LEGO Star Wars magazine comes with an awesome Luke Skywalker minifigure (accompanied by lightsaber and blaster, of course)!

You’ll also get an epic starfighter card game to cut out, plus slick posters of Mando with ‘Baby Yoda’ and a cool A-Wing starfighter!

Han Solo and Chewbacca face a HUGE task to rescue Greedo in the mega comic and is there a big new outfit being revealed for Luke in the issue’s other comic?

This amazing magazine also features loads of puzzles, a brilliant Cloud City game, and a sneak peek inside the Razor Crest gunship!

The mag hits shelves on 18 November, costing just £3.99.

LEGO Star Wars Tm Mos Eisley Cantina 75205
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Han Solo, Greedo, Wuher and a Sandtrooper
  • Mos eisley cantina features a detailed bar, sliding entrance door, seat-tipping functions, open-out design and detachable sections
  • Also includes a Ubrikkian 9000 pod with opening minifigure cockpit and top-mounted stud shooter
  • Open out the cantina and play out classic Star Wars: a new hope tavern scenes.