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Our friends over at R2-KT are celebrating the artists of the galaxy, shining a light on their work during these tough times which has seen conventions cancelled and postponed and their main revenue streams cut off as other matters take precedence. Every day throughout June, R2-KT will focus on a different talent, and here’s today’s artist – Corrine Roberts.

This June we are celebrating STAR WARS ARTIST MONTH. Every day we are posting a Star Wars artist in celebration of their work and to raise awareness of the need to buy authentic: too many knock-off operation out there. Join us in supporting our Star Wars artists!

Corrine Roberts

Corinne Roberts is the creator of Bug Bites (published by Source Point Press), silent sequence comic adventure Out and About and children’s book Trip to Trekka. Along with her books she illustrated the game Unreal Estate and webcomic series, Kitty Game.

What drew you to illustrating Star Wars as a subject:

Adventure, new worlds and creatures. All of those things in Star Wars captured my imagination and launched me into creating my own adventures in new worlds. The most inspiring artist of the Star Wars universe is Ralph McQuarrie. His concept work and paintings still amaze me and was a main reason I wanted to learn how to paint (although all my illustrations are in watercolor and pen – unlike McQuarrie’s) He was a master of mood, composition and storytelling which I reflect on constantly and gave Star Wars a rich platform that has truly grown into a universe of stories.

Website: www.corinneroberts.com
Instagram: corinneroberts123