Anyone fortunate enough to have ever met Mike Quinn will know that he is a man full of stories, and amazing ones at that. Mike currently has a Kickstarter project on the go that is only 13 days from ending, and the details of the situation are simple – if the book doesn’t reach it’s very attainable target of £7,769 (or $10,000) then some unbelievable stories will remain untold.

Born in an unassuming terraced house to a working class family in the south east of England, raised in a difficult, lonely, sometimes terrifying childhood and written off by my educators early on, my calling of puppetry not only saved me from oblivion or worse but skyrocketed me into the bright lights of the entertainment industry and the stuff dreams are made of. Holding nothing back, I chronicle my escape by being mentored by my hero, Muppet creator Jim Henson, later reinventing myself as a character animator at Pixar whilst battling chronic depression and ultimately becoming a performer for a beloved fan favorite legacy character in four Star Wars films.

This is my story.

Coming later this summer, you will be the first to obtain a special edition printing of a signed hard copy of my Autobiography. This will be the only place and time you’ll be able to get this quality hardback limited first edition.

Get pledging and make this book happen, as there are sure to be some fascinating stories from the original trilogy days.