While everyone is struggling through dry January, heading to the gym and trying to keep their resolutions for the new year, here at Fantha Tracks we are no different! The start of the year is a good time to reflect on what we have completed and to decide a new path for the year ahead. Let’s see what various Fantha Trackers are going to try and embark on in 2018.

Clair Henry

Ok this is a sort of confession…

I’m a Star Wars fan and I haven’t played any sort of Star Wars strategic game whether it be electronic, table top or card game (unless you count Star Wars trivial pursuit). This year my Fantha challenge is to seek out a game and endeavour to play it and not fail miserably! If anyone can suggest to me an easy starter for 10, that would be greatly appreciated!

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Mark Newbold

New year, new start and this year I’m determined to go to new places and try different things.

Over the past few years I’ve been very fortunate to be able to visit New York Toy Fair, Celebration, Rancho Obi-Wan and New York Comic Con on a regular basis. This year there is no Celebration, so I’m looking take advantage of that and attend some different shows.

In February I’m heading to Norway with fellow Fantha Trackers Brian, Matt and Richard to visit Finse, the location where the Hoth scenes of The Empire Strikes Back were filmed. I’ve never skiied and I’m not the best in cold weather, so we will see how I cope with this one.

I also run a daily Star Trek site – Star Trek: The Neutral Zone – so April sees me travel to Dortmund to cover Destination Star Trek Germany for the site and for Starburst and the official Star Trek magazine.

May brings the annual Star Wars Fan Fun Day, an event we all look forward to greatly each year and then Solo: A Star Wars Story which will likely occupy most of the back end of the month.

June will see a gaggle of Fantha Trackers travel to Ireland – led by Clair – and bus trip it to the south-west coast for a trip to Skellig Island. It’s looking like a good many of the team will be coming along and I cannot wait for that.

August will hopefully see me travel to Las Vegas for Star Trek Las Vegas, an event I’ve wanted to attend for many years, and then Belgium in October for FACTS, another event I’ve wanted to travel to for a long time and I feel a bus trip with Brian, Matt, Dave and some other Fantha Trackers coming up to get there. Myself and Matt Booker are once again planning on attending New York Comic Con, an event which has become a must-visit show.

October 19th – 21st takes me to the NEC in Birmingham for Destination Star Trek Birmingham and a jam-packed weekend in Brum before the year ends and without a movie to get us through December!

Patty Hammond

I am lucky there are two new Star Wars related things I am going to do in 2018, both in May.
On May 20, the Exhibit, Star Wars™ and the Power of Costume opens at my local art museum The Detroit Institute of Arts.  Many of my fellow Fangirl friends in the community have seen this exhibit and this will be my opportunity to do so.  Hopefully, with some local Fangirls and Fanboys as well!
On May 25, along the rest of the world, we will have another new Star Wars film, Solo, directed by Ron Howard! I have always loved Ron Howard and based on all the pictures he shared during the production, I am very excited to see what he brings to the saga.
click the image to see all of Ron Howard’s Twitter and Instagram updates courtesy of starwars.com

Finally I am also looking forward to finding out what is next in the Star Wars saga.  I hope that we get a new animated or live action series and we either get either an announcement or a premiere sometime in 2018!

Paul Naylor

I am looking forward to attending many UK-based events throughout 2018, with Burnley’s ever-popular SWFFD high on the list of must-attend venues. The Skellig trip with my chums at Fantha Tracks beckons also.

Last year, through personal circumstances, I missed several incredible opportunities that other Fantha Trackers got to attend. I missed the red carpet premiere of The Last Jedi at The Royal Albert Hall and the chance to meet cast and crew in attendance. Then there was the recording of The Graham Norton Show – I would have loved to have been there.

Sadly, the mother of my partner Mandy was in the last stages of a long battle with terminal illness around that time. I made the right choice – family first. God bless Christine. Sleep well.

In April I will be in LA on a photoshoot for a book I am putting together with a UK-based stuntman – more on that in due course, and yes there is a Star Wars connection or two – but while in the US I hope to cover some Star Wars themed activities. I hope to report back from the Scum and Villainy Cantina in LA whilst there.

May brings us the early adventures of everyone’s favourite scruffy looking nerf herder and I am hoping to get heavily iinvolved in promoting that one. Ignore the scaremongers – I have a good feeling about Solo.

Above all else, I look forward to contributing to more fun articles with your favourite Star Wars fansite – Fantha Tracks. May the Force be with you all throughout the coming year.

Martin Keeler

Its all about travelling to see Star Wars friends this year – all in the planning stages at the moment, but so far it’s looking like a trip to Vegas in July with some close friends from a GFFA and then San Francisco in October for the Rancho Obi-Wan Gala.

Capital Sci-fi Convention is all booked for early February, and I would be amazed if I go through the year without a trip to Disneyland Paris for some Star Wars related fun (and very likely to go to Comic-Con Paris as well).  Granite City Comic-Con is also on the cards in May and of course I am really looking for to the Fantha Trackers trip to Ireland!

Although most of the above is not locked yet one thing I am certain of is – it’s going to be a busy year!

Johanna Nybelius

2018 will be a new me, a bad me actually. Seriously, I have been a Star Wars costumer for more than 15 years, and for the last year I have been XO of the 501stLegion – Nordic Garrison, and yet I do not have a single costume that represents the Empire. My only current 501st costume is a jawa. This year I am aiming for Admiral Daala, from the old expanded universe. Admiral Daala will mean two new things for me. The first, as mentioned, is that she is part of the imperial navy. I guess I will have to practice issuing orders and hunt the heroes. The other is that the reference pictures of her are drawn images. I am used to work with photos or screen grabs as my references, now I will need to do a lot more interpretations than I am used to especially when it comes to picking fabrics and colors.

My two reasons for picking Admiral Daala are quite simple. First of all the costume I am planning to looks comfortable, the kind of costume you can walk around a whole convention without getting hurt or exhausted. Second is that she has long red hair, and I will finally be able to make a face character from Star Wars where I do not need to resort to wearing wigs due to the colour and styling of their hair.

My plan is to finish this costume in time for the summer, there is a Swedish convention at the end of July where comfort is really impossible since it is mostly about walking outside. My plan to keep this costume a secret until it was finished has totally failed though, I hope the costume plan will work out better.

Andrew Walker

I have two expensive hobbies, Star Wars costuming (check me out here) and cycling. This year, the cycling will take precedence. I’m going to take part in a 300km cycle race for the third time, but this time I’m cycling overnight from 23.00pm on Friday until about 11.00am on Saturday. That means that I have less budget for myself (since I’ll have spent a tonne on cycling kit). However, I must still have a Star Wars project.

As well as making costumes for myself, I also make costumes for my son. He’s had Tatooine Luke, A New Hope Han Solo and The Force Awakens Kylo Ren but has outgrown them all. For ages he has been asking for an X-Wing Pilot costume. I’m all for that but my high standards demand a decent helmet, not one of those crappy little mask ones that most kids have.

While visiting Forbidden Planet in London as part of my The Last Jedi premier trip, I found the black series Poe helmet for a nice price and immediately grabbed it. He got it as one of his Christmas presents and loves it.

Project Poe has begun…

Megan  Zomboracz Cullinan
Star Wars for me has always been about the movies, books, animated series, and music.  So how can I enhance my love of Star Wars in 2018 with something new?
I have a friend who is deep into SWTOR and I have NEVER played an online MMORPG (I had to look that up, ha ha)!  Although, I’m much more comfortable with my Nintendo 64 Podracing and X-Wing games, I’m thinking that SWTOR may be my “new” Star Wars thing this year!
I would also like to expand my expanded universe collection with comics.  I feel like there is so much to gain by reading them!  Plus, there’s pictures!! I have Shattered Empire…  but where should I go from there?!
Help me Fantha community, you’re my only hope!