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Lennd catch up with ReedPOP’s Global Event Director Mary Franklin, discussing her career at Lucasfilm, ReedPOP and the many different elements of her job.

Do you have a favorite event you work on?
Hands down, the Star Wars Celebration. I was hired by Lucasfilm to work on that show back in 2001, and I’ve been involved in all of them since infancy. I am a Star Wars fan and I have many good friends who are Star Wars fans. I’m very attached to that show.

How did you get the job with Lucasfilm in the first place?
This is crazy, but it’s awesome. In the mid-90s, I was living in a fishing village in Alaska that had no roads into town. You had to fly or take a boat. Being so isolated, a bunch of us Star Wars fans found each other online. I became president of the online fan club.

I did a weekly newsletter with subscribers in 23 countries, and Lucasfilm got really interested in it and the online community. Lucasfilm started talking to me, checking into what the fans were interested in. Then in 2001, they asked if I wanted to apply for a job to work on Star Wars Celebration.