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Before we talk about issue 5 of “Star War is Everywhere”, let’s remember last week’s and see that you got the reference right?

This I will agree that it was difficult and few people were right, but who spoke Boba Fett, my congratulations. Deadpool makes the allusion to being consumed by Sarlacc.

This week is much easier, in Moon Knight 189, right from the start, in the beginning of part 2 of the arc “Crazy Runs In The Family”.

We have a villain who infects people with “hate” to the touch, and the moment he infects a subway driver, the guy makes a reference to Death Star.

With that, our score looks like this:

Star Wars 1 mention
Jedi 1 mention
Obi-Wan 1 mention
BB-8 1 mention
Boba Fett 1 mention
Estrela da Morte 1 mention