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Crazy, right? Sure, we’ve only been around since 31st October 2017, a mere 85 days, but believe it or not this very post is our 1000th since the launch of the site.

In that time we’ve crammed in a LOT. Here’s a brief rundown of the events we’ve attended so far:

Rancho Obi-Wan Gala 2017

MCM Expo Birmingham

Carl Bayliss, Mark Newbold and Clair Henry at Star Wars Quiz in Redditch

Clair and Carl at SW40 in Fargo Village

Fantha Day at Farthest From in December and MonCalCon 3

Matt Booker and Martin Keeler’s day at Disneyland Paris

Fantha Trackers at The Last Jedi Premier in UK, US and Brazil

Clair, Mark and Andrew Walker go to the recording of The Graham Norton Show with Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, Gwendoline Christie and John Boyega.

Mark being in the very first group of journalists to do Secrets of the Empire

Paul Naylor, Carl, Richard Mitchell and Mark at Dave Prowse’s last ever convention

Matt, Martin, Paul, Vince and Dave Tree doing Secrets of the Empire

Mark, Matt and Clair at Soundstage with Kevin Jenkins

Matt and Paul McQue UK Toyfair 2018

And our North Sea correspondent Paul McQue has been pretty busy on his travels:

Kevin Smith podcast from Chinese forecourt which started the 1 week liningup.net JediLine which raised $7k for Starlight Children’s Foundation.

501st, Rebel Legion, Droid Builders, Saber Guild gathering at Scum & Villainy Cantina the night before L.A. red carpet.

Nissan custom cars at LA auto show

Sideshow exhibition at Chinese Theatre.

Janina and Verona at Chinese Theatre

Todd Fisher unveiling tribute to Carrie Fisher at Chinese Theatre.

Rian Johnson saying hello at the liningup.net screening at Chinese Theatre.

Playing with Gary Fisher after the screening.

TLJ costume exhibit at El Capitan Theatre.

Droid Repair Bay at IMAX VR

Kevin Smith TLJ podcast from Scum & Villainy

Empire Luke saber hilt at Ripley’s Believe it or not

Finn and Phasma costumes at Arclight Hollywood.

Carrie & Debbie’s memorial one year later.

TLJ models and props at Star Wars Launch Bay, Disneyland

We’ve broke some exclusive stories and trended on Twitter:

Black Diamond being the production name of Episode IX

Clair’s Tweet exchange with Rian Johnson regarding Space Gary Fisher

Paul’s Mark Hamill Tweet hit 15,000 likes

And so far we’ve interviewed:

Gareth Edwards, Martin Rezard, Paul Warren as well as Clair kicking off her weekly From A Different Point Of View series, chatting with fans of the saga

Coming up Matt, Brian, Richard Hutchinson and Mark are travelling to Finse in Norway to visit the shooting locations from The Empire Strikes Back. There’s Farthest From, the SF Ball, MCM Expo, Collectormania, a return trip to Skellig Michael and more on the horizon, as well as New York Comic Con at the end of the year and our international Fantha Trackers reporting from closer to home.

Speaking of our international contributors we have 25 contributors to the site, regularly posting and sending in news. Our team comprises of folks from the UK, USA, Norway, Sweden, Australia and Brazil with people joining all the time.

Our social media following is growing steadily, our YouTube channel is starting to fill up with original content and our podcast network is almost ready to go. Stay tuned, as we have big plans for our podcast programming.

So, come back in a few minutes for article 1001 and we’ll meet back here in 3 months for article 2000!