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Were you homesick, my friends? It had been a while since the column did not show up around here. Also, so far I had not come across any new references. Until I got the last issue of Secret Warriors, which incidentally, have already figured here with references to Star Wars.

In Secret Warriors # 012, closing this arc of heroes’ history and giving time on the team, Moon Girl decides to call everyone in her house, with the false pretext that it is her birthday, just to see if the loose ends close.

And just when the Karnac arrives, Inferno decides to use a reference to franchise.

Hilarious this one.

And with that Obi-Wan happens to have two quotes in our table.

Star Wars 2 mentions
Obi-Wan 2 mentions
Jedi 1 mention
BB-8 1 mention
Boba Fett 1 mention
Estrela da Morte 1 mention
Millenium Falcon 1 mention
C3-PO 1 mention
Han Solo 1 mention