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Every Star Wars fan loves an astromech, and who can deny the impact of R2-KT who has grown from tragedy to become an integral part of fandom, and a symbol of hope for those in less fortunate circumstances, and has even featured in both The Clone Wars and The Force Awakens.

You’ll no doubt be familiar with the themed charity patches which are regularly available, but news reaches us that some new merchandise lines are being launched for a limited-time run this month.

It’s been three years since we offered KT logo shirts. They’re back and available in a lot more styles than ever. A local shop has helped us out sourcing a wide variety affordably and allowed us to offer ladies style tees, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and even high performance tees. Oh, and we even have kids’ sizes in the tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies!

Styles & Prices

Tees – $20

Ladies’ Style – $24

Performance Tees – $22

Kids’ Tees – $20

Long Sleeve Tees – $24

Sweatshirts – $28

Hoodies – $30

(for adult sizes, please add $2 for 2XL, $3 for 3XL and up)

Shipping is $6 for every three shirts ($24 for every three shirts outside the U.S.)

Taking orders til August 30th, shirts ship in early September

Email us at r2kt@r2kt.com for prices on other styles – sizing charts to be posted soon or just email us

So why not add to your Star Wars wardrobe whilst supporting the great charitable work done by R2-KT and the team, and head over to the R2-KT website