A local Newcastle newspaper has published a fun story which briefly features Mark Hamill and his quick wit on twitter.

Luke Skywalker himself has pledged to protect Newcastle after an “Imperial Cruiser” was spotted in a cloud above Gosforth.

When local Star Wars fan David Hicks spotted a distinctively-shaped cloud resembling a ship from the popular sci-fi series, he sent a lighthearted tweet, tagging Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill.

He was hardly expecting a response from the man himself.

Sharing the image, David tweeted: “Imagine my surprise this evening when I spotted an Imperial Cruiser cunningly disguised in a cloud above Gosforth. Wonder if Darth Vader was aboard…? Luke (aka @HamillHimself ), we need you…you’re our only hope…”

But the celeb joined in the fun, replying “Red 5 standing by…”, referencing his character’s call-sign as an X-Wing pilot in the movie series.