Simon Pegg regrets his Prequel comments

Unkar Plutt shows his caring side as actor Simon Pegg has spoken recently about how he regrets his comments on the prequels, especially Jar-Jar Binks, following actor Ahmed Best’s own comments about how the negativity around the character nearly drove him to suicide.

Speaking during press interviews for his current film, Mission : Impossible – Fallout, he said

“I feel so ashamed of the fact that there was a victim, a human victim in that.

“I think most people were regarding Jar Jar Binks like he was a real creature. And wailing on him for being annoying, or whatever, or not liking him. But there was a person behind that. And I read that and just thought, ‘I’m one of those people.’ It makes me feel awful.”

He also give his views on the current state of fandom following the recent social media storms around The Last Jedi, which led to Kelly Marie Tran leaving Instagram due to abuse.