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Walk on the light side of the Force with the latest Star Wars | Po-Zu’s latest co-branded fashion boot…. The REY Silver Boot.

Award-winning shoe brand Po-Zu are the first to commercialise designs worn in the films, officially under license with Lucasfilm and Disney.

Sven Segal, Founder and CEO of Po-Zu, describes the boots;

“We lined the silver linen with organic cotton and added a silver cork heel counter and lacing loops. Cork is another highly sustainable fibre due to its natural and renewable properties and it’s grown locally to our factory in Portugal. The sole is made of natural rubber, tapped from a tree, and a coconut fibre ‘Foot Mattress’. The coconut fibre is a highly sustainable by-product of the coconut-trade. These two materials work together to mould to your feet, offer unparalleled comfort and absorb everyday knocks as you walk.”

You will have seen Po-Zu on many a celebrity including Ashley Eckstein who was escorted by Fantha Trackers Matt and Martin at New York Comic Con to see the Po-Zu stand.

The boots are available for pre order now !