We’re still in the early days of The Rise of Skywalker‘s life at the box office but already there are encouraging signs that the film is going to blast through the Christmas box office like a stock light freighter punching through the ice wall of Sinta.

After 5 days the movie has taken $226,847,711 domestically, the 9th fastest to make it to $200 million and boosted by the 4th biggest ever domestic 1st Monday it appears that in the percentages, the film is holding up remarkably well.

The UK is the biggest international territory with packed houses and $32,100,000 in the tills so far. At the worldwide box office the film has taken $226,800,000, giving the movie the perfect 50/50 split between international and domestic gross. That’s a curiosity but one that holds reasonably firmly for most Star Wars films.

It will be interesting to see what the Wednesday numbers are for the film in North America as the movie pushes towards the $500 million global mark, but of course the following couple of weeks will be key in determining whether or not the final Skywalker Saga episode will make it into the billion dollar club. Word of mouth amongst general cinemagoers appears to be strong, but nothing should be taken for granted.

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