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The lovely people at high-end Geek fashion MusterBrand have sent Fantha Tracks several items to review and we are going to start off with the Alliance Ladies’ Sweater.

I have bought several pieces from Musterbrand already including the Vader Cape and Leia Organa sweater. I love the look and feel of Musterbrand’s clothes, the nods to Star Wars and the characters in their clothes  is very subtle which means that their clothes can be worn at anytime from Royal Premieres to camping in a field at a festival!


The Alliance Sweater is no exception, the sweater features the ripples seen on Rebel Alliance pilots’ jumpsuits however if you’re in the know they are so obvious! This ripple knit adds a sophisticated detail to the sweater meaning you can dress it up or down.


It is this versatility that I love about Musterbrand! I have worn the sweater several times and friends have commented on this feature without realising it is a Star Wars sweater thinking it is from fashion retailers such as Mint Velvet or Coast.  It is only when I point out the Rebel Alliance badge then do they realise it is a Star Wars jumper.

The sweater I was sent was large, I wear a U.K 12-14 and found the fit just right, however I do like to wear sweaters slightly long and not too tight. If you like a tighter fit then I would recommend the smaller size. I also have long arms so the length again was perfect!  The waterfall back feature is lovely as it doesn’t drape too far down and the tie feature adds again another simple but refined touch to the sweater.

I washed it following the care  instructions given on the label, a cool wash at 30oC however the spin cycle on my machine is very strong so I made sure I reduced the spin cycle. The sweater came out well and I immediately reshaped it. I struggle to dry things flat and with the good weather in the U.K at the minute the sweater dried in shape on the washing line and I was able to wear it immediately.

The feel and quality of the material is lovely , the knit is soft even after several washes and does not “ball” I would recommend this piece for everyday wear, possibly even to work as a smart casual sweater! (although I work with young children so I’m not prepared to get it slimed and covered in paint!). It is quite a lightweight sweater so possibly on cold days it may not be suitable on it’s own.

I give this jumper 10/10 for style, look and how easy it is to maintain care, the photos you see have been taken after several wears and washes!

The jumper can be found on Musterbrand’s website retailing at €89.00 with free shipping on orders over €50 within the EU. For international shipments and European countries outside the EU, please check the following overview

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