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There were a many great elements that weaved together to form 2016’s Rogue One, but perhaps the most technically impressive was the work undertaken by many VFX artists to create a convincing CGI version of Grand Moff Tarkin, drawing on the features of the late Peter Cushing and powered by bravura performance by Guy Henry.

However, permission needed to be granted by the Cushing estate to allow this return of sorts to be attempted, so these words by Cushing’s secretary Joyce Broughton, said to Guy Henry at a convention in Westminster last year clearly carry enormous weight.

“Sir is back” were the words Joyce Broughton used after viewing Tarkin’s first scene in Rogue One.

Guy Henry is visibly moved by those words and considered it an honour to sign a picture for her at a signing in Westminster last year.

Joyce was Peter’s secretary. We can’t think of a higher accolade than praise from someone as close to Peter than this.

A truly moving moment.