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The latest Star Wars movie is out! What do our Fantha Trackers think of it? Read here for our first initial spoiler free reviews. Full review with spoilers will be released on Fantha Tracks TV soon….

Matt Booker

For a film that Lucasfilm has very publicly had production issues with, when you watch it you would never know. It a great adventure flick with fast paced action and so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some great surprises and Easter eggs for fans of all levels to spot. The cast and crew all did a wonderful job of crafting what feels like a classic Star Wars adventure with scenes we have dreamt of for years from lines here and there in the original trilogy.

Go see this film and enjoy another escape to that galaxy far, far away.

Mark Newbold

Where do I start? After a decidedly spotty period for Star Wars fandom, in the shadow of The Last Jedi and the divisions that came with it, the series was in need of a lift. For fans old and new, Solo: A Star Wars Story is an adrenaline shot to the heart.

I’ve not come out of a Star Wars film so invigorated in a long time. While The Force Awakens gave us a warm, familiar glow of satisfaction, it was tempered by the loss of a childhood hero, Han Solo. Rogue One was dripping in brilliance from every department, but isn’t exactly a feel good film, and The Last Jedi, well….Solo: A Star Wars Story came with a hefty task ahead of it, and to these eyes it succeeded magnificently.

Talking with the gang after we’d left Pinewood Cinema at 3am in the morning, I said the film reminded me of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’m not comparing Solo to one of the greatest of all films, it’s way too early for that, but it has a similar pace, a non-stop rollercoaster of action, heart and adventure that grabs us by the lapels and hauls us through the story at breakneck speed. Not the modern, frenetic pacing of a Transformers sequel but the measured kinetic blast of an 80’s classic, and those choices can largely be laid at the door of director Ron Howard who has picked up the rains left by Lord and Miller and whittled out of a lump of greelwood an absolute gem of a film.

As the credits began to roll I asked Paul Bateman what he thought of the film and immediately he said it was the best Star Wars film since Return of the Jedi. I can’t argue with that. It’s exhilarating, fresh, witty, thrilling and has a lot of heart. Alden does the near impossible, inhabiting the spirit of Han Solo but not doing a Harrison Ford impression while Donald Glover gives us flashes of Billy Dee, making Lando his own. Woody Harrelson, Thandie Newton, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Paul Bettany all shine in their roles, ILM excel with some stunning VFX and John Powell gives us an impressive and evocative score, but the real treat of the film is how all of these elements hang together so easily.

I know I will be seeing this film again and again, its pin sharp script already starting to embed in my brain. This was far better than it had any reason to hope to be.

Greig Robertson

Well, that was a helluva HOT DANG ride! An incredible script from the Kasdan’s and excellent performances from the entire cast. The film had me on the edge of my seat throughout and it had beautiful references to the other films to keep the Dark King of the Sith smiling.

My question is, when do we get the sequel? I hope it’s not too far, far behind! Need more Han, Chewie and Lando adventures on the big screen!

Carl Bayliss

Beset with issues ranging from the directorial change to the wave of reaction to the casting of ‘someone else’ in the role of Han Solo, you’d expect this film to be a car crash, right?

Thankfully the only car crash is actually a speeder crash as part of the action. This film triumphs over the documented adversity and comes out the other side with a great deal of cohesion. “Fun” is a word a lot of people are already using, and it is just that – not a particularly complex plot, but a great Star Wars action/adventure movie.

With lots of subtle (and some not so subtle) Easter Eggs for the die-hard fans and a great story, weaving in some familiar names and plot lines from the old Expanded Universe, this ranks up there with Rogue One for me and really looking forward to my next viewing – Chewie, punch it!

Paul Naylor

Midnight screening for my fourth consecutive Star Wars release and again, I ventured to IMAX at Telford’s Cineworld.

Solo is a great addition to the ever-expanding library of Star Wars movies. I came away from the cinema more than satisfied and ready to see it again.

Some superb fan service and  intriguing references will thrill too.

But it is for a stunning cameo that this film will be remembered by many. Go and see Solo ASAP.

Johanna Nybelius

It’s a good film, but not great. I was worried going into it, but I really enjoyed the ride. There was a moment or two that even gave me goosebumps, and the will to shout things out to the rest of audience when you noticed some of the Easter eggs. Alden Ehrenreich does just the job that I expected from him, and overall the cast works great together.

This is a film that is great for a Saturday afternoon, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

Clair Henry

What a good movie! I saw it in 3D IMAX and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The casting was spot on, there were some real laugh out loud moments and some wow moments! It’s always interesting to see the Easter Eggs and the nod to parts of the Star Wars galaxy. I think people will be happy with this film as an interlude, although I wish it hadn’t been released so soon after The Last Jedi.

Martin Keeler

Turned out nice again didn’t it. A great fun adventure that worked very well for me.  Strong casting and lots of action means a great night out at the cinema for me and this delivered.  Not as laugh out loud funny as I was expecting (which is a good thing) but equally I was smiling the whole way through.

Interestingly this and Rogue One are the two Star Wars films that I have been most keen to see again straight after viewing the first time.  I look forward to sitting back, popcorn in hand, and going in for round two.

Megan Zomboracz Cullinan

Wow, I had an amazing time watching Solo! There was so much I loved about this movie, but mostly it was because I loved the cast of characters! I’m basically in love with young Han, Lando and Enfys Nest! Were there some things about it I didn’t like? Sure. There were moments when some of the acting was a little off… but overall I felt like everyone did a fabulous job of portraying the new and “old” characters.

There were a lot of fun surprises but I also felt like they didn’t try to shove too many cameos or mentions of characters down our throats. It was appropriate and well placed. But there was one thing that really surprised me… which will cause me to go back and figure out these connections better. So, all in all, it was a fabulous and fun movie!

Brian Cameron

What a great feeling it was to step out of the press screening with everyone applauding, smiling, cheering – loving the fact that Star Wars was fun again.  It was almost like a tensed up release of concern going in lifted, and the escapism that is Star Wars returned.

Does the film have flaws?  Sure, the most apparent was the incessiant name dropping from EU and Legends material.  At times it felt forced and unnecessary, but if that is the biggest critique i have – then it shows just how well this film felt.

Star of the film without a doubt was Alden.  Much criticised in rumours over his acting before the release – he not only nails the character of Han, but makes it his own in this film.  Not once did I think of Harrison Ford.  Qi’ra was wonderfully acted by Emilia Clarke, and she formed a fascinating character throughout.  Scene of the film: Without a doubt Han vs The Beast.  A close second Droid Wars!!!!  Just brilliant.