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Coffee With Kenobi Show #113: Star Wars Rebels Impact & the Live Action Streaming...

Join Dan Zehr for the latest edition of Coffee With Kenobi.

Why The Last Jedi is a Powerful Fable on the Importance of Teaching

Dan Zehr of Coffee With Kenobi uses his experience as a high school English teacher to examine how The Last Jedi is a powerful fable on the importance of teaching.

Coffee With Kenobi #112: Star Wars Rebels Series Finale Analysis-Part One

Coffee With Kenobi take a look at the finale of Star Wars Rebels.

CWK Coffee Break: The Hero’s Journey-The Meeting of the Mentor & the Magical Talisman

Join Dan from Coffee With Kenobi for the latest edition of CWK Coffee Break.

Coffee With Kenobi #111: Galaxy’s Edge Update with Jim Hill, & “A World Between...

Coffee With Kenobi returns with a look at the pivotal Rebels episode A World Between Worlds.

Coffee With Kenobi Show #110: A Closer Look at Star Wars Rebels “Jedi Night”...

Coffee With Kenobi returns with a look at the Rebels episodes Jedi Night and Dume.

Coffee With Kenobi #109: Solo & What Makes a Good Star Wars Story

Dan is back with the latest episode of Coffee With Kenobi.

Coffee with Kenobi Ep 109 :Solo and what makes a good Star Wars story?

Dan Z is joined by Jason Fry and Lindsey Romain as they discuss fan concerns over recent announcements. Dan talks to Jason about writing Star Wars books, and they re-examine the Solo teaser trailer. This the podcast you’re looking for!

For the Sake of Fandom, Sanity, and Star Wars

Lisa over at Coffee With Kenobi takes a look at Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Coffee With Kenobi 108: Solo Teaser Trailer Breakdown & A New Series of Star...

Coffee With Kenobi 108 is here, with extra added Cory Clubb!

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