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Want to make sure you make it on time to the events at Celebration next year then this review by Core Worlds Couture at Coffee with Kenobi will help you choose the perfect timepiece!

This week Jay reviews the Star Wars line from Flex watches, this in depth review explains how Flex Watch company began and their ethical approach and charitable donations in particular the the Star Wars range.

The Star Wars line of Flex Watches donates their share “to educate children in need.”

As it says on the watch box packaging “it’s time to make a difference, one galaxy at a time.

Jay examines the full range of watches available looking at price, design, sizing, material  and packaging.

The packaging/box is so much fun –- white, black and grey, with images such as The Death Star, Millennium Falcon and TIE fighters. It has a removable base where the watch sits, and underneath is the message “May the Force Be With You.” Not the most stable cardboard packaging, but good for display and/or simple storage.

The timepiece itself has a design that mimics the watch band, featuring the same icons/pictures at various “times” on the face, and the brand name Flex at three o’clock. The stem pulled out easily and the time was easy to set. It also has a three-hand movement (with a hand for seconds as well as hour and minute). It has a noticeable ticking sound if you hold the timepiece to your ear, but not loud enough to be heard otherwise that I could detect, even in a very quiet room.

There are over 2900 verified customer reviews on the site, and overall the watches have received an average of 5-out-of-5-star-rating. There is a return policy if you need to send back your watch for any reason, so be sure to check the stipulations there.

To see what rating Jay gives the Flex watch check out the full review over at Coffee With Kenobi.