Esports is one of the most promising industries as the annual revenue exceeds millions of dollars, especially when we speak about CSGO. This game, which was released in 2012, has gained a lot of popularity since the 1.6 CS was the huge success and players loved it! We want to use this article to help you to get familiar with betting basics. We will cover the different types of bets you can place, as well as how you should approach this esport betting to be a successful gambler. We will also list some of the currently available odds as well as a couple of bookmakers where you can gamble, but first let us explain a bit more about the game.


CSGO Game concept

When it comes to CSGObetting, you have to understand the basic concept of the game so you could know the roles of each type of wagers that you can make. Each match is played by the two opposite two teams (counter-terrorists and terrorists) and it contains 30 rounds so the first team that reaches 16 won rounds is a winner of the match. After the 15th round, the teams switch sides. The terrorist team places a bomb on one of the two available locations, with the 35 seconds of the detonation time. If the counter-terrorists do not manage to defuse the bomb once it has been planted, the terrorists win automatically.

Alternatively, if the team members of each team are killed before the planting of bomb, the round is over and the team who killed the opposite team members wins. Before the match starts, the members of both teams are voting for the map they want to play, though this can be set automatically, depending on the betting sites for CSGO. Unlike some other games, there is no respawning before the round ends. It means that once you are killed, you have to wait for another round to play again. Each time the round starts, each team equips with the weapons of choice (based on the money they have collected) but there are no special perks like vehicles, air strikes, UV radar scans or similar.


The basic CS GO bets

Now when you know how the game works, it is the time to dive into CS:GO betting opportunities. Generally, there are 3 types of wagers that you can place in CS matches: real money, play money and items wagering. The first relates to the outcome of games and it is the most popular. The second is related to the earning points from making successful wagers, with the difference that you are not able to cash out that money, but rather participate in so-called “fantasy leagues”. The third type is betting where you, instead of real money, use the items like paints for weapons, skins for players and other features that you can earn on any of the betting site, but the key is that you need to invest at least CA$ 15 worth items.


Esports Betting in CS GO – The most popular wagers in betting sites

Knife Round is the popular wager where you place a bet that a certain player would kill another one using nothing else but the knife. 1st Pistol is the same as this one, with the difference that the players use pistols as there is often the half-time round (upon team switching) when the first round starts with pistols. The total rounds Over/Under relates to guessing the final result between two teams. It is one of the bets that is mostly used in big tournaments when two highly professional teams meet. The First Kill is also something that you can find on every tournament, as this is simply guessing which player will make the first kill.

Besides these “ordinary bets” there are a couple of complex ones. Outright winner allows you to take money in case you predict the ultimate outcome of the Esports tournament. The region winner denotes picking the world’s region that would take the win of the tournament so if you watch the overseas leagues, you can anticipate what could eventually happen.


How to practice the tactics and bet placing in CSGO?

The thing to do is to practice with play money r by random guessing while watching the matches. However, make sure that you get familiar with the game first and play it a bit if possible to understand the concept and gameplay. It will help you to make more accurate wagers. Also, search for the different betting sites so you could find the one that offers the best conditions.