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Mankind is the smarted creature on the planet and it has made possible many things that were considered impossible many years ago. Exploring the space and even landing on the moon are among the greatest next steps of the humankind in the progress of space science. Honestly, we all grew up thinking one day we shall be able to visit the stars and other planet carrying species like us. Space is very space than we think and it has kept many secrets that are still waiting to be revealed. Well, we cannot travel to another planet right now but it is possible with space-themed slots games that are becoming favorite among the players.

Slots are among the classic casino games, but they are enjoying a lot of popularity at the online casinos. Game developers are offering various kinds of slots that is a serious way of an engaging player to the gaming. Space has always been enticing to humankind and that is why stars-themed slots are getting popularity. They have proved successful to trigger the sense of escapism of the players. And have gained positive reviews from the players. But why space-themed slots are mesmerizing?

What Is So Special About Space Slots?

The prime magic behind the popularity and the specialty of space-themed slots is the nature of gamblers to live in the fantasy world of stars, aliens, and other planets. Gamblers, who are in love with the enormous and beautiful universe, get to travel across space without spacesuits or starships. It only requires a smart device with the internet and access to the reliable online casino with space-themed slots. Well, playing such games assuredly not take to space but it ensures to render the feeling of being in the space by hitting the spin button on the screen. The graphics and visualization of stars-themed slot games are really amazing as they are created by popular gaming developer companies. They show all the space elements like starships, planets, aliens, comets, and many more to enrich the gaming experience.

The Popular Game in This Category

The Starburst slot game is among the most popular slot games based on the stars or space. The game is developed by NetEnt and features everything a gambler quest for. The combination of amazing graphics, enduring gameplay, and colorful action add more fun to this classic video slot. The space lover gambler needs to line up the shining gemstones and interplanetary dazzling stars to win the game. The inclusion of the latest technology with the classic slot to render colorful action and the exciting bonus rounds are the amazing things that make this slot game even more special. Another special thing about this space-themed slot is that unlike other slots, this game features 2 enthralling bonus. It contains a stack feature that maximizes the chances of winning.

If slots with high energy and action along with fun are your interest then a space-themed slot from NetEnt is a really great choice for you. It can be played by all players whether they are beginner or pro. Whether you hit the winning round or fails to do that, the fun ride and the adventure will certainly engage you more.

Play Space Slots Right Away

The internet is filled with the number of game choices and space slots are no exception at online casinos. There are many casino sites that feature a category dedicated to space or star-themed online video slots. Along with the fun, adventure, and action, you get a chance to win rounds with bonuses. These are some other popular space-themes that you can try:

Galactic Streak

This slot with 95.95% RTP is one of the most popular video slots these days. Developed by Playtech, this game features some amazing graphics, spectacular events in space, sound effects. It features all the space symbols such as planets, asteroids, and spaceships. The game doesn’t feature any kind of bonus round but it surely gives you a ride of fun to the winning round. Players can win big by lining up the planets as each planet has a distinctive pay-out anchored to it.

Stars Awakening

With 95.93 RTP, this video slot from Playtech runs on the path of the above-mentioned game. The game is like a crossover of Shrek with Stars Wars but it has nothing to do with the movie. The game can be played with a very little amount and features various standard payouts. The game has 5 reels and twenty pay-lines and it has chances of winning up to 500x at the line bet. So, this space-themed slot is really worth a try.

Space Digger

With more than 95.35% RTP is another space-themed slot from Playtech. The players have to find the undiscovered planets with a giant space digger. Along the journey, the player will also find some hidden gems complimentary round when getting a bonus symbol at the 3-middle reels. The game is really exciting to play and adventure on the space is your thing then, this video slot is definitely for you.