Ahmed Best on podcasts, filmmaking & Jar Jar

Our buddy Jamie Stangroom managed to sit down and chat with the legendary Ahmed Best, the man behind Jar Jar Binks to talk filmmaking and the divisive Gungan.

It’s finally time for round three of my interview series with Ahmed Best. This time we discuss his new podcast, why Jar Jar should be remembered as a filmmaking milestone as well as asking George Lucas if Binks could be killed off.

AND he reads the Jar Jar passage from the Chuck Wendig novel ‘Star Wars Aftermath: Empires End’. Plus the great man also takes some of YOUR questions! It’s a long one and whilst obviously I’d love you to watch the whole thing as I think it’s the best one yet, but I get that you’ve all got life’s away from staring at my stupid face, so I’ve added some time codes below for you. You’re welcome…

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