Bryce Dallas Howard has quickly become one of the goto directors for The Mandalorian, delivering knockout episodes in each season and displaying a flair for Star Wars that only bodes well for future adventures, and she spoke about her time in the GFFA with Digital Spy as well as touching upon a subject she’s very familiar with – Grogu, and whether he will remain the cute frog-eating ray of sunshine we know and love.

DS: So of course, I need to ask you about Baby Yoda. In the last few episodes, it’s been hinted that he might turn to the Dark Side. There’s a lot of fan theories, and people are worried. What are your thoughts on that and what do you think is going to happen?

BDH: Well, I’m definitely not going to share any guesses, because I know [laughs]. But what I will say is that, for me, the joy of working with Baby Yoda is that, yes, it’s an intoxicatingly cute, adorable being, but you can only play that note so many times, right?

That was a wonderful part of the journey for Mando and Baby in season one, but in season two, there’s an opportunity for the character of Baby – who, by the way, is not a baby [laughs]; who is, according to human years, fully middle-aged. But to understand: “OK, who is this being?” And it’s not just binary.

Part of the power of what George [Lucas] created is that it deals with light and dark in a way that isn’t binary, and shows that the best of us have the ability to do terrible things. And the worst of us have the ability to do extraordinary things.

So, that thematically, of course, is going to play a role in any Star Wars story. I’m all for characters getting fleshed out.

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