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This past weekend’s CCXP convention in Brazil – which Fantha Tracks covered extensively – saw Daisy and director J.J. Abrams take to the stage, and a particular topic, that of the gang of three only being together for a brief time, came to the fore.

“The thing we were all really excited to do was to come together in this film and be a team, so I guess in that way, I guess it’s a shame that that’s only happened for one film. But I think where we have developed to in this film is you’ll really feel like part of the gang, and I believe it’s a fitting ending for all of us.”

Abrams went on to describe the emotional elements of the final Skywalker Saga film.

“It’s an incredible thing to see what the people beside me, what these amazing actors have done in this film. It’s a very emotional story, it’s a huge, fun adventure, but it’s also very emotional. And it’s the end of this nine-chapter saga, and I just cannot wait for you to see not just what the cast, but the crew has done.”

It’s worth remembering that in the original and prequel trilogy the primary three characters were rarely all together at one time. A New Hope brings Han, Luke and Leia together on the Death Star, but purposefully separates them in The Empire Strikes Back and only brings them back together in Return of the Jedi for the Tatooine scenes, the Headquarters Frigate and at the very end of the film. The Phantom Menace has very few scenes with the primary three together, Attack of the Clones brings them together on Coruscant until Padme and Anakin travel incognito to Naboo and in the Geonosis Arena and Revenge of the Sith not until the platform on Mustafar when Anakin Force chokes Padme.