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Daisy Ridley was a guest on Good Morning America yesterday in the States, and while promoting her latest film Ophelia she discussed The Rise of Skywalker. To kick off, she was asked about her opinion of the movie.

“The thing that was really amazing is a lot of the crew did all three films, so it was really emotional anyway. But there were a few scenes that we did where everyone was really moved. And, you know, a lot of the time the crew are doing their jobs, so it’s not such an emotional thing, it’s more technical. But a lot of it is really moving. I found it very emotional.”

She was also asked about the now iconic set photo of herself hugging with Oscar Isaac and John Boyega.

“Well, John wrapped, so I was already hysterically crying. And then I wrapped and I did a speech and I cannot remember what I said. I kept going, ‘I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry’. The whole crew was there, it was embarrassing. And obviously people recorded it, but I still can’t remember what I said.”

And has she seen a cut of the film yet?

“No, J.J. has shown me a couple bits, which was very exciting. When we went in to see the trailer he showed me a few bits. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done more now, because it’s always really hard to watch yourself, but this time I feel it’s the most excited I’ve felt.”

Asked if she will return after The Rise of Skywalker (“Who can tell?) she gave her thoughts on the finale of this nine film saga.

“What I would say is that it’s a brilliant end to the story, and like J.J. and Chris (Terrio, co-writer) have done an incredible job wrapping it up. Because there are so many references, obviously, to the nine films, but it also exists in its own thing. So I think people are going to feel very satisfied.”

For her full appearance, watch the video below.