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You’ve starred in three major motion pictures – Star Wars films no less – and as the journey ends you decide to take something home with you. Is it a token of your characters heroic deeds, a memento of happy times and epic battles? Nope, it’s a ring you wore when you flirted with the dark side, and Daisy Ridley explains why.

Speaking with Empire, Ridley revealed that, aside from her Rey costume, she also took home Dark Rey’s jewelry. The actress was pertaining to the ring she wore in the D23 Expo trailer, where she held a double-bladed red lightsaber. “You don’t see it, but Dark Rey may perhaps be wearing a ring,” Ridley says.

She admitted that having the ring was “awesome” because she had something “that means nothing to anyone” and something that “wasn’t there on that filming moment.” She claimed there’s nothing special about the ring though. She just chose it because “she liked it.” She described the said jewelry as “red and chunky,” which she liked and what she thought was “f****** cool.”