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StarWars.com were at Skywalker Ranch last summer to meet with the team behind The High Republic, an era ripe for exploration that Lucasfilm will be delving into over the coming months and years. Cavan Scott, Claudia Gray, Charles Soule, Justina Ireland and Daniel José Older are the writing team behind the project and along with Michael Siglain – Lucasfilm Publishing creative director – they discuss this exciting project, a multi-platform story that in spirit harkens back to 1996 and Shadows of the Empire, a cross-platform story that included everything but a movie.

StarWars.com: Mike, you might be the one to speak to this. How did this start? How did this come to be?

Michael Siglain: This started way back when. This was an idea that I always wanted to do with Star Wars publishing, in that I wanted to tell a massive story, told across multiple formats over multiple years, for every type of fan. So if you’re only reading a Del Rey novel or you’re only reading a Marvel comic, you’re getting one piece of the story. But if you’re a core fan and you’re reading a Del Rey novel and a YA novel and a Marvel comic, you’re getting a much bigger part of the story. You’re getting the whole picture. It’s not as if it’s one story aged down or up depending upon format, there’s not one “A” story. Every one of these stories is the “A” story, and then they combine together into a massive, massive story.

The origin of this is really a comic book crossover, only instead of one super hero crossing over with another and another, it’s different publishers crossing over with each other, with one story or character leading into another.