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ComicBook.com catch up with Sam Witwer to discuss joining the cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story after years on The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, replacing Peter Serafinowicz in the hearts and ears of fans and even Lucasfilm themselves. How did he feel when he was called into replace Serafinowicz and make his first big screen outing as Maul?

“Shock and disbelief. I have had fans come up to me over the years and they say things like, ‘Hey, do you think Maul will ever be in a movie and you’ll voice him?’ I would just say, ‘That’s adorable. That’s so sweet. No, of course not. That’s never going to happen, but so cute that you think that that would ever happen.’ Or they’d say things like, ‘Do you think they’ll ever make The Clone Wars again?’ I’d be like, ‘Shh, you’re okay. Go to sleep.’ I would have this slightly, I hate to say it but, condescending thought of, ‘I know how the business works, and the fans don’t, but they have enthusiasm. It’s wonderful that they have this enthusiasm.'”

“Now I’m rethinking everything because all these things that the fans have told me were going to happen have happened. I’m like, ‘Okay, maybe I don’t know how the business works. Maybe the fans do, and I need to go back to school and figure out how this all works,’ because this was never supposed to happen. Me as, what, the big bad in the Star Wars movie with Ray Park?”

“Ray Park was the first Star Wars celebrity I ever met before I was even an actor.I looked at him 20 years ago like, ‘Oh my god, what would it be like to be an actor in a Star Wars movie?’ Now here, 20 years later, I’m voicing that same guy. I’m like, ‘I don’t get what’s happening. This is weird. It’s very weird.'”

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