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Just a heads up for those that do not own Mattias Rendahl’s first book “A New Proof”.

This book is an invaluable insight into 2D Vintage Star Wars Packaging covering Kenner designs from 1977-79 including proof cards and cromlains.  Mattias has recently updated with:

Just a heads up to the community, the book A New Proof is almost sold out. There are approx 15 books left in the shop (as long as you can order it on the site, there is stock left). There will likely be a third printed edition, just not now, first I need to release the ESB book. So rest assured more will come at some point, so no use paying top dollars at the secondary market 


Huge thanks to all that have purchased it so far!

Order it today, you will not be disappointed.  We look forward to the release of the next edition “The Cromalin Strikes Back”.