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The Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker panel that took place at CCXP 2019 revealed an unpublished scene, exclusive to the fans attending the event.  With the presence of J.J. Abrams and actors Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac and John Boyega, the production seized the moment to publicize the preview of a chase sequence.  Check out the description from our reporter Sergio who was in attendance:

Poe leads the Rey, Finn, C-3PO and BB-8 in a moment of danger, where they are being chased by a group of Stormtroopers on a sandy planet.  Leading the team to a nearby speeder, Poe drives the vehicle as two pairs of stormtroopers follow them closely.  The action is frantic, and as the team balances on the ship and Poe battles to command it, Rey shoots the antagonists.

Suddenly – and as shown in a recent preview – two stormtroopers are launched. “Do they fly now?” Says Rey. “Do they fly now ?!” repeats Finn. “They fly now,” says Poe. When they think they missed the stormtroopers upon entering a canyon, C-3PO quickly praises the pilot.  When he sees that the work is not over yet and the villains follow, he says “bad work”.

Who saves the group, of course, is BB-8, whom drives a small mechanism in the corner of the ship, which is thrown into the air and forms a large yellow smoke, disrupting the navigation of the stormtroopers. That’s how Rey manages to get the shot right, and says, “Never underestimate a droid.”  The group work ends in success when Finn throws a rope and hits the tire of the last trooper, and with a Poe maneuver, the Stormtrooper is thrown aside and bursts into flames. “

It was a very special moment for us here in Brazil that we were in the room and we could see a little more of the movie, even though it is an extended scene from one of the teasers.