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With the coronavirus pandemic reaching its peak around the world, Jeremy and Maureen Bulloch have made the decision to temporarily put a halt to their through-the-mail signing service which for the past 2 years – since he retired from the convention scene – has seen Jeremy continue to sign for autograph hunters.

To be crystal clear, in case anyone misreads the headline of this article, Jeremy is in good health and is not suffering from coronavirus. This is a sensible precaution that they have taken in relation to the through-the-mail autograph signings that Jeremy now does from home.

His official site, jeremybulloch.com posted this simple message.

Photo ordering has been suspended until further notice.

Our friends at Star Wars Autograph News also posted after receiving a message from Maureen.

Jeremy Bulloch, who for decades has been a generous signer whether meeting legions of Star Wars fans at conventions around the world or through their through the mail requests, retired from attending conventions last year.

Today I received a message from his wife Maureen asking to help get the word out that Jeremy will no longer be able to sign items through the mail. Autograph sales through his website have also been suspended until further notice.

Aaron at Boba Fett Fan Club gave more detail, explaining that he has spoken to Jeremy and Maureen, that this is a temporary stop due to COVID-19 and they will re-evaluate once the situation begins to settle.

As always, we send our best wishes to Jeremy and Maureen.