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My customising activity tends to follow an organic process of routing through my fodder and piecing interesting parts together until inspiration takes hold, often culminating in a uniquely created figure. The mainstay of this custom was built upon the frame of an almost complete Darth Vader figure, with additional Star Wars, G.I. Joe and The Hobbit components.

The first stage involved the creation of a tailored lower cape for the front and rear of the figure. This cape was created by cutting long triangular shaped strips from some black fabric purchased as an offcut from a local Fabric Store. The strips were laid around the figure and secured in place by spots of super-glue. A Jedi Knight belt was cut towards the rear using a sharp craft knife, then painted darker using matt acrylic paint. When dried the belt was then secured again using super-glue, and placed around the figure and atop the capes fabric.

Cobra Viper chest armour from G.I. Joe was fitted over the headless Darth Vader’s upper torso and then crowned with an Orc Warg Riders head.

In demonstration of their commitment to the dark side, facial tattoos proved popular amongst Sith Lords. So for additional interest, I borrowed from their Jedi nemesis and painted this figure with a Quinlan Vos style face stripe.

A Darth Sidious hooded cloak was added to complete the ominous look of this new Dark Master.