While there may not appear to be much we can do to help battle the coronavirus from the relative safety of our homes, fans are beginning to pull together fundraising endeavours to chip away at the major obstacles COVID-19 is placing in the way of people’s lives.

One of those fans doing something is Gavin Bourgois, and here (via patch enthusiast Ken Tarleton) is the information you need to get one of these superbly designed patches, yours for just €7.00 including shipping.

For some time now, I have had the idea of ​​doing something to express my solidarity and my support for a cause to “do my part” during this ordeal. Having family and friends on the front line to help fight the virus I did a bit of research to find a foundation to which I could donate and I came across “LA FEDERATION FRANCAISE” who launched via their website a tab to allow people to donate several weeks ago for:

* assistance to nursing staff
* Support for researchers
* assistance to vulnerable people
* etc

I am pleased to share with you these two patch designs for which they a very specific purpose …


I have decided to DONATE ALL OF THE FUNDS raised for this patch to “La Federation française ….
It should be noted that the manufacturing costs and the shipment will be deducted from the total amount donated because unfortunately I can not afford to finance the project in its entirety alone.
I will post via a group that I will create later on via messenger with all the people who made the purchase of the patch screenshots for each stage of the manufacturing to show the payments made out on my part for (The design of the patch & the manufacturing) to show my honesty and good will because unfortunately we live in a world of sharks, and it is out of the question that I leave myself open to retaliation or criticisms on such an important project.

As you can see the designs are of the Medical droid 2-1B which I think is the perfect character for this design.
My groups initials (FAN GROUP STAR WARS GENTLE GIANT MINI BUSTS) at the top and most importantly the following message


I also specify that for this design to reach out to more people the same design but in French will be proposed (COVID-19: TOUS UNIS CONTRE LE VIRUS).

The modalities of the patch are as follows:

* 5 € per patch + 2 € for shipping.
I did not make different prices for those who order multiple patches because it is extremely difficult to manage.

EXAMPLE: 1 patch = € 7 in total
2 patch = 14 € in total
etc etc

I really hope to explode in terms of quantity with this project and I can only hope for a maximum of support so Please, Grab a patch to help.. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

Kindest regards
( text en français en haut )