It’s Pride Month and R2-KT gives you the chance to show your support with another glorious patch, and Albin is here with all the details.

The KT mission has always been about spreading positivity and hope. While we primarily focus on children’s charities and pediatric illnesses, we know the big picture is about helping others. In that spirit, KT is proud to join the June celebration of Pride Month recognizing the achievements of the LGBTQ+ community and everyone’s right to happiness and equality.

To get the message out there even better, Bobby Henley helped us with a pride version of the KT classic logo patch. The KT Pride Patch is a beautiful vertical rainbow design washing over the normal logo. A gorgeous display of colors with a special meaning. This means a lot to our family, we hope it means a lot to you too. Thank you, Bobby!

Order information:
* Patches will be 3.5″ in diameter; see attached for design
* Patches are $7 apiece (or $5 apiece for orders of five or more)
* Order by sending payment via PayPal to
* Shipping is $1 per five patches ordered within the U.S.
* International shipping is $3 for 1 to 5 patches – please email me at for a shipping quote on orders over 5 patches
* Patches will ship in late June; limited quantity so first-come, first-served
* All proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation
* Feel free to email me at with any questions

Also: we are running a small run of the R2-KT lanyards from 2018. Many people ask about these, so we are making them available for a limited time. Order details are the same as above except for shipping:
* $3 shipping for every 5 lanyards inside the U.S.
* $6 shipping for 1-3 lanyards, $14 for 4-10 lanyards, $24 for 10+ lanyards
* email me at for a quote if that helps

We hope you’ll join us in recognizing the rights of everyone to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!


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