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As a Star Wars autograph collector I am always looking for ways to grow my collection and find rare autographs that would be tricky to get in person. For the last two years I have been lucky enough to be a member of a Facebook Group called Star Wars Autograph Universe which has helped my collection grow in ways I could only have dreamed.

The group was created by California based collector Andy Luk who has helped bring together some of the most knowledgeable people and collectors from all over the world. The group was formed to be a source for all Star Wars autograph collectors and to help educate them, so the days of being burned on eBay and dubious sites are long gone.

Not sure if an autograph is real or not? Post a picture of it on the pinned “Is This Real?” post in the group and someone will get back to you. The group has even recently set up a Mentor programme where people new to the hobby can get help and advice from a long time collector.

The group launched a weekly podcast at the start of the year called Star Wars Autograph Universe Graphcast, which is sponsored by Beckett Authentication Services.  Steve Grad (Pawn Stars) from the company is an active member of the group who also offers discounted Beckett authentication at various times through the year. Guests on the podcast so far have included Chris Wyman of Official Pix, ILM legend Charlie Bailey, K9 Graphs,  ILM Legend Lorne Peterson and last week Topps Authentics. You can subscribe to the podcast on YouTube, iTunes or on Soundcloud.

There is also a sister sales group page where you can buy some rare autographs. In recent weeks there have been multi signed Original Trilogy pieces from the ‘big three’, Alec Guinness and Peter Cushing autographs to name just a few.

My collection has grown thanks to this great team at SWAU and the Private Signings that the group have held in the last couple of years. Daisy Ridley, Laura Dern, Adam Driver, Rick Baker, Phil Tippett are just some of the autographs I have added to my collection thanks to the private events held by the group.

Stay tuned for some very exciting private signings on the group and be sure to join the community and share your hobby with some new friends. I have made some great friends thanks to this site and look forward to meeting more of them in person in the coming years!

SOURCEStar Wars Autograph Universe
It was in 2007 that Greig started another passion of his; Star Wars autograph collecting, picking up his first autographs at Celebration Europe. This passion has grown following his visits to Essen in 2013, London in 2016, Chicago in 2019 and other conventions around the UK. He is also very thankful for the lifelong friends he has met along the way who are as passionate as he is. Greig is passionate about music and Star Wars, so in 2007 he decided to mix his two loves together to create his alter ego Darth Elvis.