Things go from bad to worse for Toys R Us as the company struggles to avoid bankruptcy by selling off it’s European stores, numbering 236. Toyworld Mag look at this time critical and perilous situation.

According to Sky News, bids for the UK stores are being urgently sought, along with offers for 230 TRU stores in ten European markets.

Toys R Us is thought to be seeking offers for its UK arm before the end of this week as fears grow for the future of the company and the jobs of more than 3000 workers.

Sky News has reported that advisers to the retailer’s US parent company have met prospective bidders in the last 48 hours and told them to submit expressions of interest by the end of Thursday. The truncated timetable underlines the urgency of the situation.

Sky News has also suggested that the entire European operations of the retailer are now on the market, encompassing 236 stores outside the UK in ten countries including Austria, France, Germany and Spain.