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With more and more events being postponed or cancelled as part of the effort to contain or limit the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus, the fan community is reeling from the fact that events are no longer happening.

However for some of the traders and stall holders at these events, these events form a massive part of their trading schedule and therefore threaten their businesses as they factor in convention sales to what they expect to sell during the year.

So as a fan, whilst the opportunity to meet up with like-minded fans is taken away, spare a thought for traders and try and check out their websites and online sales as the lack of conventions massively impacts on their ability to sell, and therefore create for fans.

Several of our friends in the convention community have already posted to say that they will be selling their usual ‘convention exclusive’ products online, so if the convention you were going to attend is no longer going ahead, why not do a virtual convention and spend a few hours browsing for some of things you would normally have  bought on the day – for some of the creators and traders it will mean the difference between then surviving in this challenging climate.