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In years past the Diorama Workshop have worked alongside Hasbro and Mattel and this year, as the show heads for Chicago, Frank D’iorio brings us this very exciting announcement.

Puzzle Solved 🙂 YES !!! It is TRUE !!!

For the FIRST TIME in Star Wars Celebration Diorama Builders workshop history… DIORAMA WORKSHOP and FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES are JOINING FORCES !!!

I will be sharing more in coming days and how Star Wars LEGION characters and vehicles will play a HUGE PART of the diorama build come April. I am BEYOND THRILLED about this new direction and scale. SO EXCITING!

Star Wars: Legion - Core Set
  • A miniatures game of thrilling Infantry battles for two players
  • Enter the Star Wars universe with iconic characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker
  • Innovative mechanics for ordering your troops simulate the fog of War and the chaos of battle
  • Toy
  • Fantasy Flight Publishing