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There’s a headline that reads like bad news, but when you delve into the day and see that by 4.45pm people could openly enter the park and only queue for an hour to get on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run you then realise what a decent job the team at Disneyland have done managing crowds and expectation.

The day undoubtedly – and unsurprisingly – started busy, as Inside the Magic described.

Guests were added to the new virtual queue and assigned a “boarding party” which provided admission into the park at a later time in the day. The Hollywood Reporter shared that the land’s new attraction, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, met its capacity for walk-ins within the first fifty-minutes of its opening and this was after the attraction was opened 30 minutes earlier than normal at 7:30 a.m.

A Disney spokesperson talked about the day, again with Inside the Magic.

“The virtual queue system for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge went very well today. As intended, we began issuing boarding passes about an hour after opening, and we turned it off around 4:45 pm, which means guests could walk into the land like any other land after 4:45 pm, without a boarding group. We anticipate that everyone who wants to visit the land today could do so. We are very pleased with how smoothly everything went.

In addition, the land is running very smoothly, with wait times for the Millennium Falcon averaging about an hour and, like we anticipated, it has had that effect on the whole resort, in terms of a great guest experience throughout both parks.” – Disney

And The Hollywood Reporter looked into the story as well.