Hey, a man’s gotta eat, so perhaps it’s not a huge surprise that the one, the only George Lucas would turn up in a restaurant.

Perhaps less likely is the location, Holywood (not Hollywood) Noble restaurant in Belfast in Northern Island, where Lucas dropped in to sample their award-winning menu.

“We were told it was a VIP but not who it was,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

Lucas is one of Hollywood’s greatest film producers. Since the 1970s many children right across the world have tried to use the force to move things after his Star Wars first hit cinemas. The franchise, which is now owned by Disney, has so far spawned nine films with the latest one to be released in 2019. Lucas was also responsible for the Indiana Jones films.

Saul continued: “He and his party had a lovely bite to eat, they enjoyed themselves and he was very obliging to have his picture taken with some of the staff.

“There was a great buzz.

“We have been bound to confidentially, but like all our customers we want them to enjoy their meal in private and we hope Mr Lucas had a good time and felt at home in Holywood.”

Asked what he’d recommend a weary traveller that may have travelled a long way in a “bucket of bolts,” Saul replied: “Only the best food.”