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This weekend sees this years running of ICCC Nashville, the Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention 2019 from the 13th – 15th September. As we reported a couple of days ago, Daniel Logan will be there, as will David M. Santana and Sandeep Mohan, making their first US convention appearances.

Sandeep and David are joined by a stellar line-up of guests including Timothy Zahn, James Arnold Taylor, Gerald Home, Sean Crawford, Andy Herd, Clem So, Bill Westley, Stephen Constantino, Nick Joseph, Alan Flyng, Sandeep Mohan, Eileen Roberts, Victor Botha, Pam Rose, Tina Simmons, Bernie Collaco, David Stone, Chris Bunn, Simon Williamson, Tim Dry, David Santana, Mark Austin and Andrew Lawden and Daniel Logan.