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London Film and Comic Con heads to Olympia over the weekend of 26th to the 28th July 2019 Fantha Tracks are heavily involved, scheduling and manning The Star Wars Zone. Over the next few days we will lay out just what you can expect to see in the area. Next up, a look at a rare exhibition being seen in Europe for the first time.

As part of The Star Wars Zone that Fantha Tracks are running at London Film and Comic Con, did you know that this year marks the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace? At the time of its release, a phenomenal deluge of licensed merchandise was launched covering every product area thought possible, but not every idea or concept proposed made it to toy production. Some ideas never made it past concept sketch proposals, others almost to the point of full scale manufacture. For the first time in Europe and to help celebrate the 20th anniversary, The Star Wars Zone will be showcasing “The Phantom Toys of Episode One” an exhibition of the unproduced toys and ideas from The Phantom Menace.

Across the weekend there will be costuming panels with all four groups as well as chats with them in between panels. Stay tuned as we will take a look at the schedule of talks in the Star Wars Zone, podcasts and panels (you won’t believe some of the guests we have joining us in the Zone) and merchandise that will be available.

Remember, the show will be bringing Alan HarrisErin KellymanDaniel Mays, Pam Rose, Terry Francis, Bill Westley, John Cannon, Ron Hone, Grant Hall, Peter Ross, Derek Chafer, Eileen Roberts, Vic GallucciDerek ArnoldTom WiltonDavid ChurchSyd WraggSteve IsmayHayden ChristensenAlan FernandesAndy BradfordRoss BeadmanPeter HouseGuy HenryQuentin PierreTony AllenTony SmartKieron Gillen,  Ian McDiarmidAndy de la TourGary ErskineJonathan CohenJulian GloverDavid RoachPeter SerafinowiczKatie PurvisJessica HenwickPaul BlakeWill SlineyJason IsaacsMichael CarterBilly Dee WilliamsCorey Dee Williams and Ian Whyte to Olympia, with more to follow.