Over the course of Star Wars Rebels, we learned that some Clone Troopers who survived their Clone War campaigns, were not necessarily absorbed into the human bolstered Imperial ranks.

Despite intensive genetic coding, secretive control implants and stringent compliance conditioning, three renowned veterans, Wolff, Gregor and Rex, shook free from the shackles of their commander’s connivance.  The latter rumoured to have battled onto the Forest Moon of Endor dog-tagged Nik Sant.

Following Order 66’s onslaught, there have been rumoured tales of band of brother mutinies by a small number of other Clone Troopers/Republic Commandos in the guise of Omega Squad, Ion Team and individuals Able, Fives, Hob, Maze and Ordo, for a variety or situations and reasons.

My favourite tale being that of the determined survivor, Clone Trooper BL-1707, aka CT-1707, Able-1707 or just plain Able to his friends.   If you’re not familiar with Able’s story, his journey is as unique, as it is interesting, but I’ll leave you to discover it for yourself.

With no 3¾ inch form celebrating Able, although on holiday, I cracked open my travel box of tools and tricks to begin one of my quickest, easiest, but never the less, very satisfying customisations.  With a fully articulated, removable helmet Stormtrooper, with all body parts except the head, I sourced a replacement, a loose Clone Trooper head.  With a J. Jonah Jameson application of white acrylic, the head was fitted to the Stormtrooper body faster than Peter Parker’s latest deadline.

Happy with my latest custom addition and inspired by the talented ‘Eric Stormtrooper’ photographer, Darryll Eric Jones, I decided to take Able and camera, for a walkabout.