It’s not every day that you see Fantha Tracks featured on Nerdist.

Ever since Clair Henry tweeted Rian Johnson this morning, asking if it was Space Gary Fisher in the background of Canto Bight – it is by the way – our social media has got rather busy.

So busy in fact that Amy Ratcliffe, writing for Nerdist, picked up on the kerfuffle and wrote an article about it.

If you ever had the pleasure of seeing Carrie Fisher at a convention, you probably saw her faithful companion Gary, more formally known as Gary Fisher, sitting faithfully by her side. Little Gary was always in the company of his best friend, giant tongue hanging out the side of his mouth with such dopey merriment. Gary never caused a fuss when he was on stage; when he appeared alongside Fisher on Good Morning America while promoting The Force Awakens, he sat calmly in his chair and drifted off to sleep. He’s a good pup. And such a good pup deserves a tribute of his own—namely, the space alien version of Gary that we’ll see in The Last Jedi.

Fantha Tracks noticed one of the background characters in a Canto Bight photo of Rose and Finn was holding a creature that looks like an alien dog—specifically like a French bulldog with sweet, buggy eyes. They asked The Last Jedi writer and director Rian Johnson if the creature was indeed meant to be an outer space take on Gary Fisher, which he confirmed